Product features

●The blue silicon enamel liner is made of imported high-density special silicide through high-temperature melting, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, corrosion-resistant and durable;

●The chip type magnetic energy heater structure is adopted, the surface heat load is ultra-low, and the heating body does not produce scale, which greatly prolongs the service life of the water heater;

●Computer control mode, large screen LED display data, intuitive and easy to operate;

●Temperature adjustable setting range: 40-70 ° C, can be adjusted to the temperature you need freely;

●LED digital display of the actual temperature in the tank;

●The fluorine-free polyurethane foam has good heat preservation performance;

●The inner tank is only a water storage container without scale, and there is no need to install anode magnesium rod to prevent scale;

●With leakage protection function, it can cut off automatically in 0.1s when leakage occurs;

●Multiple protection measures to prevent over temperature, overpressure, leakage and low water pressure;

technical parameter

Product model
Rated capacityRated voltageRated powerRated currentRated pressureWaterproof gradeCategory of electrical appliances
K20C3-  50L60L80L220V/50Hz2000W9A


IPX4Class I

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